Using this tool can be excellent practice for students studying English as a second language because it gives the literal meaning of each phrase. This allows you to see the phrase and its meaning at the same time. While there are long idiom lists available online, trying to navigate through them on a single page can be daunting. Being able to create the exact number of random idioms which best suits your learning needs is a advantage this tool has over standard phrase list. In this way, this tool provides an excellent way for those learning English to practice their knowledge of English idioms and to learn new ones in the process.

It can also be a wonderful way for writers to brainstorm and spur more creativity in their writing. The tool can be used to get writing ideas flowing forcing the writer to use more creativity than they would with a single random word. For example, the writer can use the generated phrase to create a new paragraph or story. Since the writer has no idea what will appear, or even if they will be familiar with the idiom, it forces the writer to use creativity to incorporate it into what they’re writing

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